Saturday, January 31, 2009

Glorbes: The Deiselpunk World Of bruce Ross

When I look at Bruce Ross’ work I can smell the spilled oil and hear the P51 Mustangs roar overhead. Bruce (aka Glorbes) creates characters that are evocative of a time and place that seems very real, the imagination starts to spin. I am amazed by this brilliant dieselpunk world of World War 2 robots, crackling, worn machinery and rugged pulp heroes.

Bruce’s work is a great synthesis of Science Fiction concepts, Military history, comic book characters and Pulp tales of heroism. This synthesis is close to the heart of what I’m going after in this blog; in fact it was one of the man inspirations for it. Bruce has a remarkable story telling sense coupled with incredible skill as an artist.

Bruce Says:

"Customizing with figure parts is more about finding the right recipe of parts to create a unique character, or a unique take on a character, and then building from
there. When it comes to sculpting or construction, head sculpts like Tars
Tarkas and my original characters, as well as my vehicles (and Iron Man) are
indeed made from scratch."


Brian Lue Sang said...

Wow - wonderful stuff! I would love to see more of his designs. You're right, Eric, you can smell spilled oil on these designs.

Thank you very much for the eye-opener by showcasing Mr. Ross' work.

Eric Orchard said...

Bruce is brilliant, one of the best artists I know. Truly inventive and driven.